Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal

Frequently asked Questions

Q: What does 'Dry Hire' mean?

Ports North hires out the venue only.  You are then required to source your own Catering, AV, Equipment Hire through our Service Providers.  Please refer to Venue Hire for what is included in your hire of the Terminal.

Q: What is closing time of the Terminal?

12 midnight. 

Q: Can the eastern side doors be opened, if we aren't using the Wharf Deck?

Yes, however as part of our safety and risk requirements - yellow barricades will be erected across the doorways (2 x half terminal hire, 1 x one third terminal hire).  

Q: Will other events be booked in other spaces during my event?

No, you will have sole use of the Terminal (on the day of your event).

Q: What is the role of the security personnel?

As part of our risk assessment requirements, security personnel is required at every event.  How many will depend on your number of guests.  As Hirer, you manage them (once on site) to best suit your event requirements.  Guards are required to be on-site during alcohol service.

Q: When is my booking regarded as confirmed?

Once we have receieved your 15% non-refundable deposit, or payment in full (if you are within the 60 day balance period).

Q: Where is the Half Terminal and One Third Terminal mark and how is this sectioned off?

Please refer to the floor plan for the Half and One Third Terminal.  We can supply partitions to block off the space (at no additional charge), or you can arrange for a drape to be erected from the trusses, through your event manager.

Q: What cleaning is provided?

We provide you with a clean Terminal, upon key handover.  You then have access to the cleaning cupboard and keys available to re-stock, during your event, if required.  If you wish to have a cleaner on-site during your event, additional charges will apply.  We require you to then collect all rubbish, following your event, and we will then do the post-clean.

Q: Can we use a smoke/haze machine?

Yes, however there are additional charges for isolating and deisolating the fire alarms, during this period.  Fees are approximately: $120.00 per visit (during work hours) and $450.00 per visit (after hours).

Q: Can we use a glitter/confetti canon?

We only allow large piece confetti/glitter.  Small glitter is prohibited.  An additional charge is applicable, if you require Ports North to clean up upon your departure.

Q: Where can we park?

There is a public carpark at the Shed 2 Car park, at a rate of $1.00 per hour.  Onsite parking is available, during your setup.  You also have the use of 6 bus bays, during your event.

Q: Is there any storage space available?

The only additional storage space available is within the Green Rooms.

Q: What are the noise restrictions?

Please refer to the downloadable Booking Contract for details.  Please note that we can no longer allow amplified music, or bands, within the Breezeway.

Q: Is the Terminal air-conditioned?

No, it has a mixed mode ventilation system, consisting of a number of large fans and a ducted cool air system. 

Q: Will there be any Cruise Ships in during my event?

No, the Terminal is not available for event hire, whilst a Cruise Ship is in port.

Q: What are the amenities within the building?

1 x PWD + 1 handbasin
2 x female toilets + 1 handbasin.

1 x PWD + 1 handbasin
4 x female toilets + 2 handbasins
4 x male urinals, 2 x male toilets + 1 handbasin

Greenroom 2
1 x toilet + 1 handbasin

Greenroom 3
1 x toilet + 1 handbasin
Single bay kitchin sink

Kitchenette 1 (South)
Double bay kitchen sink

Kitchenette 2 (North)
Double bay kitchen sink

Q: What power is available?

Please refer to our Communications and Power Plan.  We have also recently had additional 3-phase power installed within the garden space.